How to migrate to Canada in 2022

“Education is not getting a degree, it’s all about broadening your understanding”. And it’s quite true because life is full of experiences and unknown plights. Higher education issues an individual with specialized skills required for earning a seat at the table in this contending world. And also provides a space for better serving and functioning of the community.

Canada is well known for education, exploration, and revolution. And the easiest way to immigrate to Canada is through Provincial Nominee Program, Express Entry, Family Sponsorship, Quebec Immigration Investor Program, Self employed initiatives. Also, other federal class immigration programs like the Caregivers Program and Atlantic immigration pilot are also some of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada.
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How to migrate to Canada in 2022

And Canadian Universities are excellent landing places when it comes to quality education. The government of Canada has committed a significant amount of its funds to education and research. Making it one of the grounds to choose Canada for higher studies. Canada has also put forward a scheme for its international students to work up to twenty hours a week during semesters. And they can also take up full-time time jobs during summer and winter breaks. And one of the top reasons to choose Canada for higher studies is that you can engage for a work permit in Canada for up to three years after finishing your program at a Designated Learning Institute(DLI).

And one needs to get a study permit to move to Canada for higher studies. A study permit is issued by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to foreign nationals who want to migrate to Canada to study in one of the Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). All you need to do is follow these five steps for getting your Canadian study permit. Fill this quick form to see your eligibility for Studying in Canada.

Step 1

Apply to the Designated Learning Institution and acquire a Letter Of Acceptance (LOA).

For obtaining the study permit, one needs to submit an application to the Designated Learning Institution (DLI). The admissions are extended eight to nine months before the session. Fill up details like legal first name, legal last name, country of citizenship, mailing address, and educational background in the application form. The next step is to submit documents like education transcript, and graduation letter to the DLI. One needs to appear for the IELTS exam (International English language testing system). It’s an English exam that is appeared by the international candidates studying or working where English is the foremost language. And the minimum score to pass the International English language testing system (IELTS) is 6.5 to 7.0 depending on the institution. Also fill out particulars like the name of the institution, contact details of the institution, and also the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number. After submitting the application, an interview will be scheduled with study permit officials in your country. If the DLI welcomes the application, then the letter of acceptance is provided. And the Letter Of Acceptance contains personal details like name, address, and also the program information.

The issue of the letter of acceptance doesn’t indicate the approval of the study permit.

Step 2

Apply for the study permit

A study permit is a document issued by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to a foreign national who wants to move to Canada to study in one of the Designated Learning Institutions (DLI). There are two ways to apply for a study permit.

  1. Regular study permit application form
  2. SDS (Student Direct Stream)

Eligibility to apply under SDS –

  1. An offer letter from any one of the DLI.
  2. One should be a resident of the following countries – India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Morocco, Senegal, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica, Antigua, and Barbuda.
  3. proof of paid tuition fees for the first year of study.
  4. A medical examination certificate
  5. Police seal of approval certificate.

Also submit documents like valid passport, completion of degree certificate, letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institute, and passport size photographs.

And the study permit is valid throughout the entire duration of the program. And once the study permit is approved, the Canadian government issues the visitor visa.

Step 3

Submit your study permit

Click on the study and work permit option. And answer questions like how long you are planning to stay in Canada, your current country/territory of residence, date of birth. Next, you have to answer the eligibility questions, you can also review your answers before submitting. After submitting the eligibility questions, a document checklist will be provided. Upload all the documents cautiously.

You also need to submit your biometrics along with the study permit application. And other documents like passport, police clearance certificate, medical certificate, etc. If you haven’t submitted all your documents, then update your application. The processing time has also changed from three weeks to thirteen weeks by IRCC. And once the application is approved, it’s either mailed to you or handed over after your arrival in Canada.

One can also hire an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer to submit the study permit on your behalf using their valuable knowledge. Be careful while hiring an immigration lawyer as there are high chances of fraud in this industry.

Step 4

Update on ArriveCan

arrive is a free of charge, secured, official Government of Canada platform to dispense your information while setting a foot in Canada. It’s mandatory to fill out ArriveCan before entering Canada. It has to be done 72 hours before your arrival. Download the app, register, and click on proceed. Choose the status that applies to you, how you are entering Canada, input your flight details, date of arrival, preferred language for communication, and also your contact particulars. Go through the mandatory travel requirement list. Also, provide your COVID-19 vaccination details and also your quarantine plan in Canada.

Step 5

Fly to Canada

Make sure you carry these documents while flying to Canada

  1. Passport
  2. Air tickets
  3. Offer letter
  4. Fee payment receipt
  5. Enrollment letter
  6. Biometric confirmation
  7. Guaranteed investment certificate (GIC)
  8. Letter of explanation
  9. ArriveCan
  10. Covid-19 documents.

How to migrate to Canada in 2022And as soon as you reach Canada, go to the International Student Department of the University and ask for the insurance details. Turn on your health insurance and make sure you go through all the documents carefully. Considering the medical charges for non-permanent residents.

Go to the admin block of the University and ask if the transit pass is included in the fee paid. If it’s not included, then get a presto pass. And the presto pass can be used for subways, buses, tramps, etc.

Companies like Koddo, Rogers, Bell Canada, Telus Mobility, and Virgin mobile provide sim cards. Get an appointment with the provider and submit your documents. Go through all the plans provided by them and choose your respective plan.

Apply for a SIN number in the Service Canada Office. SIN number is also known as Social Insurance Number. This nine-digit number is required to acquire the government programs and benefits, for income reporting and also paying taxes.

Look for accommodation, and check for places on the Facebook marketplace. You can rent apartments, condos, and student housing. And always check out the place before you pay the rent to avoid scams. One can also choose between a private room and a sharing room. Places are in heavy demand in September and January, so make sure you rent the place without any hindrance.

Go to websites like Kijiji, Glassdoor, Monster, Pluto, Robert Half, Indeed, and Jobrapido and look for part-time jobs. You can find jobs like cybersecurity, business analysis, digital marketing, architecture, etc. One can also google a nearby in-store hiring event. It’s also known as a recruiting event. It is held by employers or recruiters that offer on-spot interviews to interested candidates. All you need to do is drop your resume, and appear for the interview.

These are the five steps for getting your Canadian study permit. And one needs to adhere to the terms and conditions of the study permit for a satisfactory study experience. And the conditions of the study permit that the individual must belong to a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). He/She must not take leaves for more than 150 days. If these conditions are violated, then the individual may lose his/her student status. He/She can also be asked to leave Canada.

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