The ultimate guide to Canadian Business Visa

Canada is a welcoming place when it comes to business because of its clean environment, growth opportunities, and economic stability. Businesses in Canada are burden-friendly, as the tax rate is usually 12-15℅ if the business is certified by the Canadian Controlled Private Corporation. The government grants and loans are quite business-friendly. And there is a great demand for services in the engineering sector, and financial sector in Canada. The workers in Canada are extremely professional and proficient.

It’s also a harmonious place for workers as the jobs not only pay well but also offer plenty of benefits. If it’s a government job then, the employees are provided with free leaves for three to four months, in addition to the sick days. Companies also offer a pension, paid maternity and parental leaves, etc.
The ultimate guide to Canadian Business Visa

Everyone requires a visa to enter Canada except for artists, foreign diplomats, military personnel, athletes, etc. Well, there are two types of Canadian visas -A temporary work visa and a permanent work visa. And the person who has a temporary work visa can only live in Canada for a short period of time. It’s credible for six months. And they are not permitted to work for any other company in Canada. Whereas, a Permanent work visa is issued by an individual who is not a Canadian citizen and who wants to work and settle in Canada. Permanent residents can receive free healthcare services, they can work or study in Canada. And these residents can also enjoy the privileges under Canadian law.

Permanent work visas-

Permanent work visas can be applied through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and Live-In caregiver program. Make sure you have these documents while applying for permanent work visas-

  1. A passport with two minimum blank pages for the visa stamp.
  2. Fund proofs like bank statements of the last six months, the record of loans and credit, etc.
  3. Score on the International English language testing system (IELTS) exam.
  4. Express Entry profile number and personal reference code.
  5. Health insurance, police verification certificate, birth certificate.

And one can become a permanent resident in Canada if one works for more than a year with a valid work permit.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

It is a program that helps individuals to settle in Canada permanently after they have some work experience in Canada. One can also take their family with them to Canada. And the applicants who have higher CRS (comprehensive ranking system) scores are eligible to apply for the Canadian experience class. The work experience needed is preferably a year. And the processing time is three to four months. And the eligibility for this program is –

  1. One must have worked in Canada for a year.
  2. And should have work experience in Canada for the three preceding years from the application date.
  3. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 5 or 7.

Check out More details about CEC here.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The provincial nominee program is for people who want to settle in Canada permanently and who have work experience. This program is for students, workers, and business owners. One can apply for this program through Express Entry. Fill out the application and pay for the biometrics fee, application fee, and right of permanent residence fee. And also submit the medical reports and police clearance certificate along with the application.

Live-in caregiver program

The live-in caregiver program is for caretakers and healthcare professionals who want to work in Canada temporarily or permanently. And one can be a permanent resident after working two years as a caregiver in Canada. And the eligibility for this program is-

  1. The individual must have a work permit.
  2. Should at least have one year of experience.
  3. And the skills of the caregiver should match the National occupational classification (NOA) code of skills.
  4. And the individual must be willing to work full-time.
  5. Should have 10th, 12th, and diploma certificates.

And one may be asked to leave Canada if the individual has a criminal record or if the information provided to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is fake. And also if the individual hasn’t been to Canada for the last five years. The privileges of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are not the same. If there are any violations of the rules and regulations, the officials may order you to leave Canada.

Temporary work visas

A temporary work visa is applied for through the Temporary Foreign Workers program, Open work permit, Work Holiday visa and Post graduate work permit. And the documents required for a temporary work visa –

  1. Valid passport of at least six months.
  2. Health insurance.
  3. Family information and family photos
  4. Offer letter.

Temporary Foreign Workers Program

In this program, the employers hire foreign nationals on a temporary basis to work for the company. It is done to stabilize the absence of labor. And these Canadian work visa requirements are that one must get a job offer from Canada and also have the Labor market impact assessment (LMIA) document. Then the individual is eligible to apply for a work visa. Appear for the visa interview and submit your medical records. And the processing time for this visa is three to twenty-six weeks.

Open work permit

In an open work permit, one need not have a job offer in Canada. And it also doesn’t require the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document. And the eligibility for this permit is –

  1. Any individual who has a permanent residence visa.
  2. A foreign national graduated from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  3. Family member of a worker or a student.
  4. A temporary resident

Check your eligibility and apply accordingly. The cost of a Canadian open work visa is around $255 counting both the open permit holder fee and work permit fee.

Working Holiday Visa

It is an open work permit. It’s for candidates who don’t have a job offer.

And the Canadian work visa requirements are that people under thirty-five can apply for this visa. Candidates who wish to work for more than one employer. And candidates who can work in different locations. The candidates must not keep anyone company. Create a profile in Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The documents required are citizenship and residential proof, and a medical certificate. And the validity of the working holiday visa is either twelve or twenty-four months, depending upon the country. The cost of this Canadian work visa is $150. And the age limit changes every year for every program.

Post-graduate work permit program

This program issues an open work permit to the postgraduates from the designated learning institutions (DLI). And the eligibility for these programs is –

  1. One must be a degree holder from a designated learning institution.
  2. Should be a full-time student of a designated learning institution.
  3. And the ones who didn’t exceed the permitted office hours.

This program is valid for students only for 180 days after their graduation. And the documents needed for submitting the application are the official letter of university and degree certificate. The processing time of the application is very low. And must follow the study permit conditions. If an individual fails to meet the study permit conditions like –

  1. Failing to study and work in a way that is not mentioned in the study permit.
  2. Not obliging to the study permit conditions.

Then the study permit can be called off. Check more details here.

Circumstances under which a person can be entreated to leave Canada –

  1. If the visa holder works for an employer whose name is under the disqualified employers.
  2. Moreover, if they reach out their employment to a business with erotic dances, escort services, etc.

Follow these conditions to avoid the ceasing of your temporary work permit.

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