Top 25 Most in-Demand Jobs in Canada

Canada provides better prospects for job advancement, general employment, personal growth, and social connection, among other factors. And it’s for this reason that the number of individuals coming to Canada is gradually increasing year after year. And as you follow the trail, you’ll have to wonder: What are the most in-demand careers in Canada?

Some job titles are frequently listed among Canada’s most in-demand jobs, making it easier for people to carve out a career path in those industries, especially with the help of staffing services.

Canada’s labor force is still in excellent shape to welcome newcomers. The supply and demand mismatch in Canada is rapidly widening. And with such a high number of job vacancies, skilled professionals are in high demand to fill the vacancies.

There are employment openings in several locations and territories in Canada. And there’s a place for everyone, from blue-collar to white-collar employment, regardless of their professional path or skill set.

Let’s go through some of the best jobs in Canada:

    A web developer is a programmer or professional who works on web application development. 
  • Average Salary: $69,305
  • NOC Code: 2175
  • Top Job titles: Web Designer, Webmaster, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist.
    Human resources managers are in charge of discovering the best applicants in     Canada’s tight job market. HR manager is one of Canada’s most in-demand jobs.
  • Average Salary: $89,003
  • NOC Code: 0112
  • Related Occupations: Administrator Of Human Resources, Manager of Employment Equity and Human Resources, Personnel Manager.
    Electrical engineers are responsible for the safe operation of electrical systems and components, as well as their design, analysis, specification, building, and testing.
  • Average Salary: $91,832
  • NOC Code: 2133
  • Related Occupation: Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Avionics Engineer, Control Systems Engineer, Electrical Distribution Planning Engineer.
    Pharmacists are involved in programs and services aimed at improving people’s health and well-being. A pharmacist can start their career by working in a hospital or a drugstore, or they can open their own pharmacy.
    Pharmacists are governed by provincial laws. You must have a pharmacy degree, pass the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) exam, and register in your province or territory to become a certified pharmacist in Canada.
    In recent years, this has been one of the highest-paying and most in-demand jobs in Canada.
  • Average Salary: $89,314
  • NOC Code: 3131
  1. WELDER:
    Working as a welder has a number of advantages, including the fact that you don’t need a university or college diploma to do the job and still get paid well. One of Canada’s most in-demand professions is welding.
    To become a welder in Canada, you’ll need either vocational training or an apprenticeship, or both. As shown by the diminishing number of trained trade personnel, this position is currently among the top 15 most in-demand jobs for the current year.
  • Average Salary: $73,504
  • NOC Code: 7327
  • Related Occupation: Welders and Related Machine Operators
    Material and equipment are moved by general laborers. Excavation, demolition, and compacting are some of the physically demanding activities they conduct. Construction workers are responsible for preparing and cleaning up construction sites.
  • Average Salary: $47,678
  • NOC Code: 7611
  • Top Job Titles: Construction Trade Helpers and Labourers, Construction Craft Worker.
    Aircraft engineers create, study, test, and develop aerospace vehicles and systems, as well as supervise their construction and maintenance. This category includes unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commercial and military aircraft, satellites, and other aerospace equipment.
    In Canada, the odds of being employed as an aeronautical engineer are very good, as older engineers retire, making room for newcomers. Furthermore, the industry is showing signals of continued growth. This is one of the highest-paying and in-demand jobs right now.
  • Average Salary: $98,347
  • NOC Code: 2146
  • Top Job Titles: Aircraft Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers, Spacecraft Design Engineers.
    Administrative assistants had to assist colleagues in areas such as accounting and other clerical activities. Administrative assistants that concentrate on accounting or bookkeeping functions have had a better opportunity, as the position is currently one of Canada’s most in-demand positions.
  • Average Salary: $45,927
  • NOC Code: 1241
    People who choose a career in this sector are expected to be skilled at developing client relationships, whether with a new or existing client base. Employers in Canada are continuously looking for account managers with experience and a focus on sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
  • Average Salary: $86,104
  • NOC Code: 4163
    Business development managers are responsible for prospecting new customers and clients, as well as assisting salespeople in closing deals.
  • Average Salary: $84,003
  • NOC Code: 4163
  • Top Job titles: Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants
    When we hear the word accountant, we often associate it with the recording of financial transactions. Accountants, in actuality, are persons with financial competence who are in charge of budgeting, revenue, and expenses.
    Accounting is divided into various disciplines, including auditing, taxation, payroll, and other fields. A CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) qualification is a must for any accountant in Canada who wants to stand out.
  • Average Salary: $59,100
  • NOC Code: 0111, 1111
    Healthcare industry jobs are in high demand around Canada. As a result of labor scarcity during the epidemic, nurses have been receiving an increasing amount of bonuses and benefits.
  • Average Salary: $77,603
  • NOC Code: 3012
    Most people think of software engineers as just working for tech companies, however software engineers work for any organization that relies on computer programs, and mobile and online apps, and the software they create is developed by software engineers. Coding-related jobs have been one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada for the previous two years.
  • Average Salary: $100,562
  • NOC Code: 2173
    People with this background are needed in a variety of fields, including marketing, sales, engineering, and more. They must be versatile and able to juggle multiple areas of knowledge when it comes to managing people and money due to the nature of their career.
    For several years, project manager has been one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada. A Project Management Professional (PMP) qualification is required to boost your chances of being employed as a project manager.
  • Average Salary: $91,425
  • NOC Codes: 0211, 0213, 0711, 1221
    A receptionist is expected to provide excellent customer service and build strong client relationships using both verbal and nonverbal communication in a professional manner. This profession also necessitates excellent computer skills, and multitasking is a plus because it makes the job appear to be less time-consuming even when talking with clients face to face.
  • Average Salary: $31,304
  • NOC Code: 1414
    Merchandisers work for retail stores (such as Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Real Canadian Superstore) and are in charge of deciding which new inventory/stock to bring in and how it should be displayed on store shelves.
  • Average Salary: $48,610
  • NOC Code: 6222
  • Related Occupation: Retail and Wholesale Buyers.
    When it comes to selling directly to consumers or B2B (Business to Business) sales, sales associates and sales representatives are critical. Nontechnical wholesale sales representatives promote their companies by selling nontechnical goods and services.
  • Average salary: $52,277
  • NOC Code: 6411
    Individuals and families seek financial advice from financial consultants. Bank employees who serve as financial consultants also promote the bank’s products and services.
  • Average Salary: $62,971
  • NOC Code: 0111, 1114
  • Related Occupation: Financial Managers, Other Financial Officers, Financial Sales Representative, Financial Underwriter, Mortgage Broker.
  1. DRIVER:
    Among the various categories of drivers are delivery drivers, truck drivers, forklift drivers, and long-haul drivers.
    The labor market is massive, and commercial drivers are in high demand since people want to move goods and things around. Certifications such as a commercial driver’s license or a forklift operator’s license are both required.
  • Average Salary: $44,836
  • NOC Codes: 7511, 7521, 7452
  • Related Occupation: Transport Driver, Truck Driver, Tow Truck Driver, Moving Van Driver.
    Data scientists are altering the retail, telecommunications, agriculture, and transportation industries, to mention a few, in an era of online purchases and search activities. They allow businesses to collect and analyze large amounts of data, which can be used to improve everything from production efficiency to customer retention.
  • Average Salary: $82,713
    Cloud architects are needed to support and deploy cloud solutions as more and more Canadian firms migrate toward remote employment.
  • NOC Code: 2171
  • Average Salary: $95,397
    Customer service representatives (CSRs) assist consumers in resolving problems in person, by email, virtual chat, or over the phone.
  • NOC Codes: 6552,6551
  • Average Salary: $36,749
    The most intriguing aspect of this job is that it does not require a degree; rather, an apprenticeship and a combination of practical training are necessary. Electricians are critical to keeping operations running in Canada, which is why this has been one of the most in-demand jobs in the country since 2018.
  • Average Salary: $83,671
  • NOC Codes: 7242, 7241, 7243, 7245, 7246
    Marketing managers help companies implement online and offline marketing strategies. Provinces like Ontario frequently accept Marketing Managers directly from the Express Entry pool to accommodate the demand for this occupation.
  • NOC Code:0124
  • Average Salary:$64889
    Key account managers represent their company’s strategic alliances, assisting with sales and customer support efforts in order to keep profitable clients.
  • NOC Code: 0601
  • Average Salary: $74785

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